Nara would like to spread Japanese traditional culture as the kimono grown more than the time of the Heian among people of the world.
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Toshikazu Takahashi
Representative Director
Greetings from Japan

I have been involved in an international exchange program for American and Japanese high school students through Rotary International District 2520 for a long time. Every March we send two teams comprised of 10~15 students to Texas and Oklahoma, and American students from these states come to our area in June and July. I coordinate their destinations, itineraries, host families, conductors, translators, et cetera. Each of these home-stay programs lasts for two weeks. In addition to our partnership with America, we also have one-year programs with France, Sweden, Brazil, and Mexico, just to name a few.

Many of the friends I have gained through these exciting programs have become like family. I decided to build this site not only as a way to keep in touch with them, but also to invite others from around the globe to learn more about the traditional Japanese kimono culture I love so much.

Although kimonos were traditionally worn as clothing, modern Japanese people also love to use them as an interior decoration or display them as works of art. The ornate belt worn with the kimono, called an obi, completes the kimono, making it one fluid piece. Obis are very artistically handcrafted and richly adorned with special fabrics and materials. We highly recommend you see and touch one to fully experience the beauty and intricate detailing that characterize this prized possession!

JAPANESQUE is proud to present our Japanese kimono culture to friends –old and new – all over the world. For your satisfaction, several items, including kimono and obi, are available for purchase on this site. Please be free to contact me anytime.

Thank you for visiting! We hope you will enjoy the essence of Japanese art as an invaluable decoration for nearly any space in your home!

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